Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Blushing Pink Christmas

I took my daughters out to the Borders Bookstore here in our town on a particularly boring day.  Elena, my little 4 year old squealed in delight when she saw a full length PINK Christmas tree, all ready for the decorating.  "Please Mommy, can we please have a pink Christmas tree??!"  Elena pleaded.  I laughed.  It would be cute.  I love pink!  But we already had a white one from last year that we ought to make more use of.  So to indulge a little, I'm putting up a few pink trees.  Maybe I can talk the husband into a pink tree next year!

From Blueprint Magazine.  I LOVE the bubbly oversized ornaments in juxtaposition to the gold and silver presents
A dreamy closeup, courtesy of Buttercup Bungalow
Accentuate an ultra feminine pink with lacy details!  Wrap a bit of lace around ornaments you already own.  This photo courtesy of Design Is Mine
If you have a white tree, give it some pink!  I love this one.  This one is from Making Arrangements Blog


  1. I had the same reaction at Borders when I saw a Purple Tree. I'm feeling the purple this year, but I just had a lot of new green things for our tree from last year so decided to stick with that. As for pink...I love it and when decorating for my daughter's December birthday we'll have a white tree with pink ornaments!

  2. Mayra, yes I saw a purple tree too! And I love the idea of a pink ornaments on a white tree for a December birthday! How cute!


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