Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today's Photoshoot Uploads

I had to catch a photo of these lovelies before they went out the door to their new home.  I love the red on these flowers.  I had never done red anemones before, if you can believe it.  Am also really happy with the red roses too.  They remind me of roses growing in my neighbors' yard.

4" Large Anemone and 2 1/2" Small Anemones

Sugar Grand Rose available in the shop


  1. Gorgeous! How long does it take to make a sugar flower?

  2. Hmm, well it takes anywhere from 30 minutes (for smaller flowers) to 1 hour to make a flower. There's rolling and cutting the gum paste to forming the flower to assembly to coloring. And that's not including the drying time. It takes about 2-3 days sometimes because flowers have to dry in steps.

    For these anemones, the stamens have to be individually placed onto the center. A lot of work but soo worth it! ^_^


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