Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Sweet Life of Colors: Sunny Yellow, Lime Green, and Sky Blue

I love to post parties in this blog.  One, it's amazing to see the creativity that designers come up with to wow the guests, and two, seeing the festive pretty colors and fun set up is so eye-pleasing. The pictures make me soo happy.  But I also love seeing colors and fun landscapes in real life too.  When I wake up in the morning surrounded by color it feels as if every day is party!  So, here on the Sweet Petal Bakery Blog you'll see delightful uses of color in everyday things too.  Today, it's all about the happiest color in the rainbow; yellow along with pops of sky blue and a complementary splash of green.

I've been fortunate enough to meet Anke of AnkePankeDesign who understands a lot about color and design.  When I was browsing Etsy for some cute wallpaper her shop caught my eye.  I loved the modern feel of her papers!  It made me just want everything to be enrobed in her prints.  Can you see how cute these prints would look as wrapping paper for a baby shower??
 She offers these smartly coordinated designs in PDF form so you can print them out on envelopes, notebooks, buttons and giftboxes.

Check out her shop HERE and start enjoying your life in color!!


  1. I'm also posting free templates on my blog to use with the Printable PDF's!

  2. Ooh that's a wonderful idea Anke! Thanks for sharing that!


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