Thursday, November 18, 2010

{Featured Seller} Simple, Sweet, and a Pleasant Surprise

I received these cards in the mail the other day and I jumped around with excitement.  "How awesome is this! It's so neatly packaged!"  I exclaimed to my husband.  Tucked inside was a perfectly packaged set of 'Hello' Airmail notecards by SimplyB all tied up in string.  Everything about it felt professional but down-to-earth and I had to owe it to the simplicity of the packaging.  I immediately got out my Nikon and snapped these photos of my treasure. 

The shop is run by a charming lady named Roi Lai who hearts simplicity and good design.  She presents to us a nicely curated collection of paper goods that is truly unique.  If you're shopping around for Christmas gifts, I highly recommend this shop for your friends.  Her offerings are elegantly simple but never skimped on the details.  It's like a well thought out essay.  Check out the photos below.  The notecard whispers a 'Hello' but the quality of the paper is exceptional.  It has a woven texture to it that speaks quality.  I love it.  You should just stop browsing and order

Check out her shop for more amazing details.  She's got a whole lot of other sophisticated cuteness and vintage old school to show you!
Simply B Design
And if I got your interest piqued, you'll be happy to know that she'll be doing a giveaway with us soon!

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