Monday, November 1, 2010

November promotion!

Well it was about time I said 'thank you' to great customers during the season of "Thanksgiving"!!

Here are the details:
Order $20 worth of goodies from the shop HERE .  Get a gift wrapped set of 12 hydrangea singles color coordinated to go with your ordered flowers. Use them in your special cake or give them away to your friends.

Similarly, if you order $40 worth of goodies from the shop, you'll get 24 hydrangea singles with your order.  

Please, no substitutions or reimbursement for gift value.  

 Here are some hydrangea singles for you to look over.  This is a great way to reserve your order before the wedding season which starts from January to September because you're getting a FREE gift to go with it!


  1. if i'm getting married in september, is this promotion appropriate?

  2. Hi! If you order them in November and want me to mail them out at a later date that's okay too!


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