Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Currrently working on.....

Wafer paper hydrangeas and some fondant hydrangea singles.  I'm trying to make a nice, budget friendly version of my favorite shop flowers....

{{APPRECIATION!}} Red Charm Peonies! & A Charming Wedding

Teresa, a great customer of mine just sent me a photo of her wedding cake.  I was so happy to see it looking soo fine on such a well styled, colorful confection!  Her peonies were one of the first I had ever done for the shop and it was hard for me to let them go because they were so perfect.  You may have seen them around the shop before, here are some pictures I shot before I packaged them.
Red peony!! It's available in the shop HERE
She also requested some filler flowers.  So we settled on some jasmine and lily of the valley.  So dainty!
I was so very grateful everything arrived at Teresa's in great condition.  She was hopeful that they could be arranged well on the cake.  So, without further ado, here is a small photo of the cake:
Look at the two little love birds in the front of it!  How cute!  She had them on her invitations so she asked the decorators to incorporate them tastefully on the cake.  Turned out very elegant!  And did you know she hand glued all of the Swarovski crystals onto the letters of the cake topper?   The center letter even has a 2 color design on it. Such a pretty little labor of love indeed!
Here is a photo of the happy couple. Congrats, guys!
Thanks so much Teresa for sharing your day with me!! So glad to be a part of it!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Monday!!

Hope you all had a good weekend!  Mine was extremely busy.  My parents always host the dinner so Mom usually asks me to help out with cooking.  And she usually always tells me to bring dessert.  This year I decided to go with a rich chocolate cake with a ganache filling and cream cheese frosting. 
Now, on to Christmas!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

{{GIVEAWAY}} SimplyB Stationery!! 3 POSSIBLE WINNERS this week!

I've raved about SimplyB Designs before so it's quite obvious that I am absolutely thrilled to offer this giveaway this week.  (Check out the rave here.)  I was fortunate enough to receive a pack of Airmail cards from SimplyB and I was absolutely floored to see how neatly packaged everything was.  It came in a little sleeve with just a perfect piece of twine and a neat little card.  As I said in my other post "Everything about it felt professional but down-to-earth". 

Just in time for Christmas, Roi Lai is offering a collection of vintage inspired stationery with a little bit of old school cuteness thrown in.  One thing that I love about her products is that they're unfussy and straight-forward, like a perfectly thought-out essay.

Check out her shop on Etsy HERE.
I love the cute little penmanship lines on this "Dear Sant Clause" card

Effortless chic is demonstrated here with just a pair of Christmas things smartly used as just an accent.

My favorite colors of grey and yellow trims this beautiful calling card

Easily one of my favorites!! A simple little card with personalized 'old school handwriting'.  Beautiful nostalgia is in the details!

Care to see more? Check out all these great designs now available in her shop

So this week, we're giving away a pack of Christmas notecards for 3 different winners! (So if Random.Org decides to like you twice or thrice, we'll re-roll the generator until we get a different 2nd and 3rd winner.  Yes, you only win once)

Ways To Enter The Giveaway:
• Visit SimplyB Designs , come back to this post and leave a comment below telling us which items you like the most. (Your post will count as 1 entry into the contest)
**REMEMBER to come back to this post, press 'comment' and tell us all the entries you made so we can count it in the contest!  We will verify the entry before announcing you as the winner

GOOD LUCK! We'll be announcing the winner NEXT FRIDAY so please check back on the blog to see if you won!

Friday, November 26, 2010

And The Winner of The Giveaway IS.................

Thank you so much for giving AnkePankeDesigns so much support!!! Without further ado, the winner of our second giveaway is.....
 {{   MODESTBRIDE BK!!!!  }}

 MODESTBRIDE BK, please contact me at sweet_petal_bakery@hotmail.com for your prize.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sew Beautiful!

Learn how to turn your favorite prints into little napkins for your Thanksgiving feast!  Enjoy the tutorial from Heather Bailey

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sweet and Dreamy Icecream Party!

What a gorgeous dessert table by Sweet and Saucy Shop here in Long Beach!  I've been following their work for a long time (even before she opened up shop!) and I've been astonished every time I open up her blog.  You should check her out.  She's been on WE TV and has worked with so many photographers!  Enjoy the eye candy!   
Photos by: Sandra K. Chen & Trista Lerit Photography

Happy Monday!!! Pretty Peonies

Here around L.A., the 6:00 am light is dimmer than usual.  The light comes later in the day or the clouds block out the sun.  I actually have to turn on the lights around the house to wake up my mind.  I refuse to let this new ritual affect my mood today, especially on a Monday!  Here's to a new week.  If I just hold on, it will be Thanksgiving!

Here is a cake by Ron Ben Israel via Instyle Weddings.  I've mentioned it in my blog before; he's my FAVORITE cake artist.  I got into the sugar flower business because of his cakes. Enjoy the week!

Friday, November 19, 2010

{{Giveaway!!}} ANY Printable Pattern from AnkePankeDesigns

This week's giveaway hails from Breda, the southern part of the Netherlands.  Shop Owner Anke runs AnkePanke Designs which overflows with design intelligence.  Her colorful patterns are neat and eye-popping.  And I absolutely adore a here and there injection of a cute animal or two.  Deer, octopuses, horses, penguins, owls, and elephants all make their appearances here on Anke's site.

And if you're ever asking what to do with said cuteness, Anke also runs a highly informative BLOG that references crafty templates you can use them for.  Get your craft on with these ideas!
Use your shiny new AnkePanke paper to make this gift card box, template by HeatherBailey
Make holiday paper ornaments! Template by TheCreativePlace
Make Gift Bags! Tutorial by HowAboutOrange
I love this one! Tutorial by How About Orange
And of course, you can use Anke's patterns to make giftboxes and sweet little envelopes.  Check out her website HERE for such invaluable info to tuck into your proverbial creative back pocket.

Are you in need of more inspiration from Anke?
Looking forward to putting in your entry?? Here we go...

Ways To Enter The Giveaway:
• Visit ankepankedesign , come back to this post and leave a comment below telling us which items you like the most. (Your post will count as 1 entry into the contest)
More Chances To Enter

(these are EXTRA WAYS TO enter your name in the lottery and WIN!)
**Remember to come back to this post, press 'comment' and tell us all the entries you made so we can count it in the contest!  We will verify the entry before announcing you as the winner

GOOD LUCK! We'll be announcing the winner NEXT FRIDAY so please check back on the blog to see if you won!

And The Winner of The Giveaway IS....

Thank you so much for all your responses!!  What great start to many future giveaways!!!  So the winner today, according to random.org is:

  {{   JANE KO   }}

Jane, please e-mail me at sweet_petal_bakery@hotmail.com to claim  your prize!!

There will be more sugar overdoses to come so I will see  you next time.  We'll be doing 2 giveaways so there are more chances to win!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

{Featured Seller} Simple, Sweet, and a Pleasant Surprise

I received these cards in the mail the other day and I jumped around with excitement.  "How awesome is this! It's so neatly packaged!"  I exclaimed to my husband.  Tucked inside was a perfectly packaged set of 'Hello' Airmail notecards by SimplyB all tied up in string.  Everything about it felt professional but down-to-earth and I had to owe it to the simplicity of the packaging.  I immediately got out my Nikon and snapped these photos of my treasure. 

The shop is run by a charming lady named Roi Lai who hearts simplicity and good design.  She presents to us a nicely curated collection of paper goods that is truly unique.  If you're shopping around for Christmas gifts, I highly recommend this shop for your friends.  Her offerings are elegantly simple but never skimped on the details.  It's like a well thought out essay.  Check out the photos below.  The notecard whispers a 'Hello' but the quality of the paper is exceptional.  It has a woven texture to it that speaks quality.  I love it.  You should just stop browsing and order

Check out her shop for more amazing details.  She's got a whole lot of other sophisticated cuteness and vintage old school to show you!
Simply B Design
And if I got your interest piqued, you'll be happy to know that she'll be doing a giveaway with us soon!
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