Thursday, March 18, 2010

Southern Treat

Dogwoods on branches. This was a custom order for a bride that wanted me to copy a wedding cake photo. I'll upload the photo she was talking about. I'm pretty grateful I could get it as close as I could. Also, this version of dogwoods turned out even better than my own.

White and Black Anemone

White anemone. This deceptively simple flower took a looong time to make. I had to hand dye and dip all of the little stamens you see there. The bride who ordered this also wanted this flower to be 4 inches wide which makes it a pretty big statement on a cake. It will look lovely.
The "InStyle Weddings" picture featured under the flowers was the inspiration that the bride wanted for her flower.

A sweet red chrysanthemum

A saturated red chrysanthemum. I tried many different methods to make it as close to the real thing as possible without sacrificing hours of work to create it. Turned out okay! This one was an order. She requested to have it 3 1/2 inches large. It doesn't sound like much but the measurements make quite a big flower!
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