Friday, February 5, 2010

Sugar made Poppies

I researched all sorts of ways to form these gumpaste poppies. One even included real poppy seeds in the center! But this is the end result of all my sugar experiments (so the extra stuff will be used as airbrush practice material... a lot of practice material). The best response I got from them was from Mom. She thought the petals, and the centers looked real.

Get some gum paste, roll it into a little ball, about the size of a skittle.

Brush a little water on the side of it and

squish it into a mound on the back of the flower.
Then take some 20 or 22 gauge wire, make a loop on the end of it and dip the tip into some water

insert it into the mound of gum paste making sure the gum paste is around the wire by pinching the gum paste around the wire very lightly. 

Now just leave the wire and gum paste to dry for a few hours. Fondant is not ideal for this because it will take many days to dry solid enough, gum paste is best.

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