Monday, February 22, 2010

Cake Flavors

Here are our flavors.  You can mix and match whatever flavors you like.  The specialty flavors will be 10% extra.  Two or more flavors will be 10% each.
·         Lady Baltimore White Cake
·         Chocolate Fudge Cake
·         Lemon
·         Pink Lemonade (Strawberry and lemon)
·         Strawberry
·         Coffee

Specialty Cake:
·         Spice Cake
·         Red Velvet
·         Black & White Cake (layers of white cake and chocolate cake)

·         Vanilla Buttercream
·         Chocolate Buttercream
·         Dark Ganache
·         Raspberry Preserve
·         Raspberry Cream*
·         Apricot Preserve
·         Strawberry Cream*
·         Coffee Cream*
·         Mocha Cream*
·         Blueberry
*Creams are a light whip cream filling blended smooth with buttercream

Specialty Filling:
·         White Chocolate Ganache
·         Lemon Curd
·         Fresh Fruit
·         Cookies n Cream (Oreo cookie in a sweet cream cheese
·         Blueberry Cream (Sweet blueberries in a white chocolate ganache)
·         Tiramisu (Espresso mascarpone cheese with a sprinkling of cocoa)
·         Chocolate Mousse
·         Mango Smoothie

·         Vanilla Buttercream
·         Dark Ganache
·         Chocolate Buttercream
·         Coffee Buttercream
·         Strawberry Cream

Berries N Cream: Lady Baltimore White, Strawberry Cream and fresh fruit with Vanilla Buttercream
Blueberries N Cream: Lady Baltimore White, Blueberry Cream and White Chocolate Ganache
Tiramisu Cake: Coffee Cake with Tiramisu filling and Mocha Buttercream
Chocolate Raspberry: Chocolate fudge, raspberry cream with ganache
Mango Cake: Lady Baltimore White with Mango smoothie and Vanilla Buttercream
Rich Chocolate: Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and ganache
Pink Lemonade: Pink Lemonade Cake with lemon curd and Vanilla Buttercream

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